Win32Service and Service Manager

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu Dec 20 17:58:53 EST 2001

Dale Strickland-Clark wrote:

> I've written a basic service and it stops and starts with the Net
> command but I can't find it or anything relating to Python in the
> Service Manager.
> So the questions are:
> 1. Where is it hiding?
> 2. How do I change the user it runs under?
> 3. How do I change the startup mode?
> OS is Win2K

I am not too sure what you are asking.  There are no generic Python 
features in the Service Control Manager - each service using Python is 
completely stand alone. has code that interacts with the Service Control 
Manager, including installing services using arbitary user names and 
start modes.  See win32serviceutil.HandleCommandLine().


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