COM with Python.

Ken Guest kwg at
Fri Dec 7 11:18:51 EST 2001

I'm new to coding com objects in Python and am trying to figure out why
I keep getting a Run Time error 429  (ActiveX component can't create
Object) raised by VB's CreateObject function. 
Everything seems to register ok (as far as registering as a COM server
anyways). But I keep getting either that error, or python import related

I've tried using from chapter 5 of the "Programming 
on Win32" book and attempting to create a PythonUtilities object and
that worked fine.

could somebody please help me on this one? thanks.


===vb code=== 
Dim svr As Object 
Set svr = VBA.CreateObject("renre.GPS_layerstats.Objects.COMRunObject") 

===python code below==== 
class RunObject: 
        def __init__(self): 
                self._results = None 

        def test(self): 
                return "test" 

class COMRunObject(RunObject): 
        """COM version of the RunObject.""" 
        _reg_clsid_ = '{358FD80E-1190-40A7-9796-D5DBDB52f580}' 
        _reg_desc_ = "renre.GPS_layerstats.Objects" 
        _reg_progid_ = "renre.GPS_layerstats.Objects" 
        _reg_class_spec_= "renre.GPS_layerstats.Objects.COMRunObject" 
        _public_methods_ = ["test" 
        def __init__(self): 
                self._robj = RunObject() 
                self.userNameSpace = {'RunObject':self._robj} 
import Objects

if __name__ == __main__: 
if os_name == "nt": 
import win32com.server.register

The duck quacks.

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