Signal handling and threads problem

Michael Hudson mwh at
Wed Dec 12 08:00:09 EST 2001

"Jason Orendorff" <jason at> writes:

> If the main thread is currently busy (for example, if it's
> blocked on input), then it does *not* get automatically
> interrupted.  It waits until it's done before executing the
> signal handler.  (Not sure how this works on Solaris.)
> Admittedly this is weird.
> In addition to the above, I believe Python handles SIGINT
> by default.  But you should be able to override it.
> Anyway, your post seems to suggest that you know all this
> and the program seems to be ignoring SIGINT completely. (?)

Also worht noting is that if you're running Python from the
interactive prompt, readline buggers about with signals more than is
sensible and can really confuse.


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