Learning resources needed

Duke thisis at bogus.com
Wed Dec 5 13:29:42 EST 2001

"Laura Creighton" <lac at strakt.com> wrote in message
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> You need to give a better mailing address than thisis at bogus.com if you
> to get mail.

I do not.  ng posts are just fine ;)

> Stay away from Tcl if you can help it.

Hmm this is surprising, I thought Tcl would be worthwhile to know.  But
you're the second person to disagree so I'm just going to get aquainted with
it (already done actually) and leave it at that.  Still, it's standard on
many UNiX systems, and on virtually all Linux distro (less my own ;)

> Take a look at
> http://www.pythonware.com/library/tkinter/introduction/index.htm
> If you find this hard going, then learning Tkinter will be hard for you.

Thx, Luca pointed it out first and it's perfect.

> Lots of people like wxPython.  Lots of people don't.

So, what else is new? ;)

> Some of the reasons
> that some people hate it are exactly the same reasons that some people
> love it.  You will have to try it and see.

Makes sense, however it will have to wait since I've made the decision to go
with Tkinter for now.  Actually, PyQt is what I'll most likely try next
since I've programmed Qt.

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