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Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Dec 7 19:46:13 EST 2001

"Cromwell, Jeremy" wrote:
> > Peter Hansen wrote:
> > > Bruce Eckel wrote:
> > >
> > > I am in fact feverishly translating "Thinking in Patterns" into
> > > "Thinking in Python" to prepare for my tutorial at the Python
> > > conference, which is due monday. I was certain it would be an
> > > enormous job as it was with C++ and Java to write these examples,
> > > but as usual Python changes everything, and I might even hit the
> > > deadline.
> >
> > Why not post some of the samples here as a translation exercise?
> Peter,
> I thought we weren't supposed to help people with their homework?

I believe Bruce is no longer in school.

> I know, you just want <mention in credits> 

The thought did not occur to me until you mentioned it.

> to encourage an author <free book> 

Uh, yes...

> whose written some good books on other languages <co-author> 


> to complete his Python book for the benefit <ancillary rights> 
> of all of us.

And yes.

I'm not sure whether there is sarcasm in your posting, or not,
without a smiley, so I have to assume there was some objection.

Other than the idea of helping somebody who might help the Python
community back, to which part of my suggestion do you object?

(I don't see you posting very often here, so perhaps you are
new and didn't realize that some of us like to post messages in 
attempts to help newcomers to Python.  It lets us exercise our
Python coding skills, lets us exercise our writing and 
explanatory skills, and it gives us personal satisfaction to
help others.  Now maybe you'll understand the suggestion.)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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