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Dave Butler davebutlerREMOVE at
Mon Dec 17 17:30:49 EST 2001

Thanks to all who replied with suggestions. Another question: Is anything
special needed if I wanted to run Zope? My feeling is that may be difficult
to run if the Hosting company is not oriented to it.


"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> wrote in message
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> Dave Butler wrote:
> > I am searching for a new hosting company because my existing host does
> > provides many services/technologies (like Python) that I would like to
> > While I evaluate potential hosts, I am uncertain as to which questions I
> > should be asking. Perhaps CLP can help me with my list of questions as
> > relates to Python. Here are my Python questions for the web hosting
> > companies:
> >
> > 1) Which version of Python is installed (it seems it should be at least
> > or 2.1)
> > 2) Is Mod_python supported?
> is worth checking out (we're using them for
> portions of  they know Python, and the support
> is more than excellent, this far.
> (I think the answers to your questions are 2.0, and yes)
> </F>
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