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[I haven't been on c.l.py for several weeks, so what I say may be
addressed elsewhere.]

In article <slrna1v3fs.5s5.ssthapa at hepcat.telocity.com>,
Suchandra Thapa <s-thapa-11 at NOSPAM.alumni.uchicago.edu> wrote:
>maxm <maxm at mxm.dk> wrote:
>>Oh but that wasn't what I meant. It was more about the fact that the core
>>developers who can put some weight behind a package system are not involved
>>in it. They are happier doing core language features like object type
>>unifications. (Which I also look forward to ;-) )
>    Yes, I suppose that's true although I thought that there some of the
>core developers working on distutils that might have been interested
>in something like this.

>From some threads on python-dev, even distutils is having trouble
finding developer support these days.
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