what is the equivalent of LAST_INSERT_ID() in mx.ODBC ?

Tom Harris TomH at optiscan.com
Thu Dec 20 18:06:12 EST 2001

I have seen this done by having an extra column in the table that is
defaulted to the current time, then querying the table (after inserting a
new row) for the row with the latest time. Obviously this will fail for
multiple users, and probably in other cases, but it will work in certain

Alternatively if you can guarantee that your ID increases with each
insertion, you can just return the row with the highest ID, eg


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Subject: what is the equivalent of LAST_INSERT_ID() in mx.ODBC ?

I am trying out mx.ODBC in windows (connecting to an Acces DB), and I am
doing an insert where the key is auto-generated by access. Now how do I get
the key back?

I have tried "c.execute('SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()')"

but gets a:

ProgrammingError: ('37000', -3102, "[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access
Driver] Undefined function 'last_insert_id' in expression.", 4523)

So I guess that is not the right way.

Has anybody got an idea?  Is it an odbc, mx.ODBC or simply an access problem
to find the right documentation??

I have searched the web, the db.api, newgroups etc. but nothing is showing

regards Max M

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