what is the equivalent of LAST_INSERT_ID() in mx.ODBC ?

Max M maxm at normik.dk
Thu Dec 20 10:43:58 EST 2001

I am trying out mx.ODBC in windows (connecting to an Acces DB), and I am
doing an insert where the key is auto-generated by access. Now how do I get
the key back?

I have tried "c.execute('SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()')"

but gets a:

ProgrammingError: ('37000', -3102, "[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access
Driver] Undefined function 'last_insert_id' in expression.", 4523)

So I guess that is not the right way.

Has anybody got an idea?  Is it an odbc, mx.ODBC or simply an access problem
to find the right documentation??

I have searched the web, the db.api, newgroups etc. but nothing is showing

regards Max M

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