Jython with embedded Java

Ype Kingma ykingma at accessforall.nl
Fri Dec 7 15:45:08 EST 2001


you wrote:
> Say I wanted to use Jython to program animations
> in an SVG plugin through the Java API.
> Is this possible ? How should I go about it ?
> BB

You have better chances when asking this the jython-users list.
I have no experience with SVG, but
in general to use a Java API in jython:
- put the .zip or .jar on the class path when invoking jython and then
- import the API classes in your jython code.

Eg. since classes.zip is already on the class path you can do:

import java.lang.System as jsys

Welcome to the wonderful world of Jython.

print dir(jsys.out)
print dir(jsys.out.__class__)

Have fun,

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