Arrgh (re: ANN: Simple Newsgroup Searchterm Monitor)

Steve Holden sholden at
Wed Dec 5 12:01:07 EST 2001

"(Five Fresh) Fish" <root at> wrote ...
> Bugger me, I've never attached a file before, and have no idea why Agent
> sent umpteen copies (other than that, obviously, I was doing something
> completely wrong.)
> Apo's if there's a half-dozen of my messages.  I sent out cancel messages,
> so hopefully they won't get to propagate very far.  Grrr.
> The script scans a list of newsgroups, searching the subject and header
> search terms.  Very simple search, no regex support as yet, but
> handy for monitoring an industry-specific newsgroup for mention of, say,
> your company name.
> Anyone who wants it, follow-up this message and I'll *email* it to you.
> I'm giving up on using Agent to post a zipfile.  :-)
Couldn't you post it on a web server somewhere?


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