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Tue Dec 11 15:45:36 EST 2001

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>> Hi,
>> I want to automatically display all jpeg files of a dir in a long
>> loop, with a wait time between the different displays. Just that.
>> No user input.
>> With PIL, it seems to be impossible because of TKinters mainloop.
>Why impossible?  Doesn't Tkinter's "after()" method provides just
>what you need -- sheduling some action (in your case, moving to
>the next image) for X seconds from now?
Hello, Alex, 
thank you for your idea!
I have never used TKinter before  (I was exposed to Python just 6
months ago and "worked with it for not more than 3 weeks in that
time), so I didn't know of the existence
of something like "after()". I didn't find it in the examples, either
(, all do different things).

So I was lost...
I just thought I had a small problem which I could have solved by
browsing through the examples and then start to build-up from them.

Ok, now I can give it another try!
Thanks, again,

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