Packaging Python into COM object?

Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Dec 6 15:28:20 CET 2001

"Rachmat Hartono" <rachmat at> wrote in message
news:V4aP7.61268$RG1.33657094 at
> Hi, I'm just starting to use Python for our project and I have questions..
> Is it possible to package all python code into one COM DLL (Windows)? If

No.  You need non-COM interactions too; just COM doesn't suffice.

> this is possible, that means I don't have to put Python distribution
> or 2.2)  in my installation package once I'm ready to ship the product
> right? What modules needs to be distributed though? Can anyone give me a
> pointer of how I can do this?

Two possibilities, for example:


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