ETA for Win32all under Python 2.2?

Don Tuttle tuttledon at
Fri Dec 28 23:18:28 CET 2001

FYI, Mark is in transition as he is no longer with ActiveStake.  (Seems more
accurate then "ActiveState") Read the recent thread "Fate of Win32all"


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> GAAAAAH!  It doesn't exist yet!
> I want to say something bitter, like "Python is dead
> to me," but saying "Python 2.2 is as yet unborn to me"
> just comes off wobbly and obtuse.
> Mark, I recall a poster I had in the mid-80's that had
> definitions of various computer terms on it.  It had
> the following definition:
> CHAINING: Method of attaching programmers to their
> desks to increase output.
> Is Win32all for 2.2 done yet?  If you write back to
> say no, I'll be forced to beat you for fiddling with
> e-mail when you should be writing code... :-)
> Ah, but seriously.  Great package.  So great that I
> really can't afford to move to Python 2.2 until
> Win32all supports it... so, if threats don't work,
> I'll resort to bribes and then to begging.  Tell me
> where you want the cookies sent.  :-)
> Any idea of an ETA?
> So-anxiously-awaiting-Win32all-that-I'm-copying-Mark's-sig-style
> ly,
> -dB
> P.S. There's a longstanding rule in my family: you're
> not allowed to complain about anything you could fix
> yourself.  I'd offer to help, but "a beating" was the
> funnier of the two threats.  :-)
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