Update Oreilly books?

Peter Wang pzw1 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 17 11:22:06 EST 2001

pythongeek at tradersdata.com wrote in message news:
> I am about to slowly transfer out of my newbie status, and I am going
> to purchase a Programming Python Book (an upgrade from learning python)
> and I wanted to know if anyone knows whether Oreilly will update the
> book with the upcoming 2.2 release or if the 2nd edition will last till
> 3.0 Python relase.  
> 				Thank You
> 				Dan


If you are familiar enough with the language, I would highly recommend
moving to a reference book of some sort, as I have found my reference
books much more useful.  Since a great deal of Python's power comes
from its "batteries included" standard module library, it behooves you
to familiarize yourself with said batteries.  The New Riders "Python
Essential Reference" book is a great book for learning about what
modules are out there, and also has lots of good info on core Python
(like syntax, builtins, exception heirarchy).  Mine gets heavy use.


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