COM "out" Variant Array params and such

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Mon Dec 3 23:39:29 CET 2001

Michael Kelly wrote:

>>The correct way to call this should be:
>>VariantArrayOfStrings = MyIniFile.ReadSections("Section name")
> I implemented it that way initially but had all kinds of problems with
> clients in other languages, so I changed it to an out param that was
> not a retval and that cleared things up for at least VB6, D5 and
> Vc++6. 

It should work the same way from Python whether retval or out.  If you 
have *both* a retval and an out param, then you specify both:

rc, VariantArrayOfStrings = MyIniFile.ReadSections("Section name")

> I noticed something that sounded similar on the bug list.  Is
> ActivePython using an older build of win32-all??  There seems
> to be a download for a newer build on the ActivePython site
> but it stipulates it's for use with the other dist.  I downloaded
> it but I'm wondering if unpacking on top of ActivePython will
> hose my installation?

The latest ActivePython and win32all are identical.  The next version of 
either/both should have this fix.


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