Does 'super' exist?

Bruce Eckel Bruce at
Sun Dec 9 19:35:59 CET 2001

You refer to this:
def super(self):
    return self.__class__.__bases__[0]

class D(C):
    def hello(self):

which flips a little experience switch in my head: If I do
something like this which is ONLY a renaming of some existing thing
(especially such a fundamental, important thing as a base-class
call), and which doesn't actually add value, then people spend
valuable brain cycles translating it in their head, and I end up
having to explain it so many times so that it becomes embarrassing.

This happened to some degree with Java's awful
'System.out.println()' which I tried shortening to prt() or
something, but finally realized that everytime someone saw that
they'd have to think "oh, that's actually System.out.println(),"
wasting one of the 7+-2 things they can hold in their head at any
one time.

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On 12/9/01 at 12:09 PM Tim Peters wrote:

>[Bruce Eckel]
>> Thanks. Looks like the syntax for calling the base-class B's
>> constructor would then be:
>> super(B, self).__init__()
>> I see the value of super() for MI but I was thinking I might get
>> free ride in the form of less typing for SI base-class calls. Oh
>> well.
>You may someday, but not in 2.2.  The new 2.2 class features, from
>to staticmethod(), are spelled in a very Lispish way.  Guido is
keen to add
>nicer syntax for some (perhaps all) of them, but in later
releases.  For
>you can get less typing today by doing, e.g.,
>    B.__init__(self)
>Another idea is in

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