mod_python vs mod_snake

Steve Holden sholden at
Wed Dec 12 18:57:53 EST 2001

"Xavier Defrang" <xavier at> wrote ...
> Hi,
> I've got a Python CGI performing XSLT transforms and I experience really
> poor performance because it has to import plenty of modules.
> I was then thinking using an interpreter embedded within Apache 1.3. I
> want to rely at least on a minimal application framework so I don't feel
> like using pcgi.
> Now the question is should I use mod_python or mod_snake?  Both have pros
> and cons... mod_python looks more mature, more documented and has a
> much simpler architecture than mod_snake.
> What I need here is a simple persistent Python environment to run a few
> rather simple scripts, I was likely to use mod_python with its standard
> publish handler but I noticed that I had to rebuild the interpreter
> without thread support...
> And what about the security of these modules?  I already googled to look
> out for vulnerabilities involving mod_(python|snake) and I havn't found
> anything... I'd be glad to hear any good/bad experience in this field
> too...
Unless you are wed to Apache for other reasons, you might also consider
Xitami and Python long-running web processes. Setup is much simpler, and the
whole deal is more lightweight.


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