Fallen Angels, Originators of Evil on Planet Earth?

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Thu Dec 13 18:22:39 EST 2001

Tuesday, December 18, 2001, at 7 PM (CST)

Fallen Angels, Originators of Evil on Planet Earth?

Here's a spiritual curve ball for you. What if Lucifer and the other fallen angels "fell" into Earth and the realms of time and space -- in other words,  into your own personal neighborhood? And what if they have literally been "raising hell" on this planet for thousands of years in their anger and rebellion against God and mankind? 

Terrible wars. Religious fanaticism. Destruction of the environment. Exploitation of natural resources. Political and economic 
manipulation on a planetary scale? 

Is this the work of fallen angels living among us here in the physical world.? Is there anything we can do to counteract the instigators of evil on the spiritual level? Tune into this highly unusual free interactive Internet broadcast talk on, "Fallen Angels & the Origins of Evil" and find out.  

This talk draws from the ancient Book of Enoch, the popular esoteric best-seller, Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil and several other sources.

That's next Tuesday evening, December 18, 2001, at 7 PM (CST). For more information visit:  http://www.originsofevil.com/ 
Sponsored by The Summit Lighthouse of the Twin Cities, broadcast live from Minneapolis.
You're in for a surprise. This is not your typical religious talk. Expand your  illumination horizon and don't miss it!

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