python and SOAP??

Steve Holden sholden at
Mon Dec 17 14:51:50 CET 2001

"John Thingstad" <john.thingstad at> wrote ...
> There is a SOAP implementation for Python.
> I feel the need to spesify that SOAP is a protocol created to send Object
transcripts over the HTTP protocol.
> CORBA however existes for objects to communicate over the lLAN.
> CORBA (or for that matter DCOM) must be fast as it is created to allow a
cluster of objects distributed over multiple machines to exchange date.

I am not a CORBA expert, but I don't see anything in the protocols that
wouldn't work over the wide area, and I believe it has been used in this

> SOAP works as a much higher level of abstartion. Say communication with a
> Further CORBA will usually be blocked from internet accesss. SOAP using
HTTP protocol will not.

Indeed, although given that firewalls are normally installed precisely to
PREVENT the kind of thing you can do with SOAP one wonders how long this
state of affairs is likely to last. I have alsways felt that this aspect of
SOAP's justification was pretty bogus.

> So... SOAP isn't designed to replace CORBA.
> Note that Microsoft is one of the strongest promoters of SOAP and that it
dosen't really compete with teir COM+  comittment.
Is BizTalk completely standards-compliant? At one stage it looked as though
Microsoft were going to do their usual "slightly incompatible" thing and
implement BizTalk as "amost SOAP".


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