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>I am playing around with Python and it is telling me that to activate tcl
>type tclch80.  I do this and I get an error.  I think may be it is because
>either I am typing in the wrong version or I do not have it?  Am I right and
>if so how do I correct it? And if I am wrong, how do I fix it?  What it
>wants me to do is type [% put "Hello World"] and I do that and I get an
>error, why?
I don't recognize this description--which likely
reflects more on my ignorance than your own pre-

What operating system are you using?

You're likely to get farther with
rather than
  puts "Hello World"
rather than
  put "Hello World"

It's likely that those in a position to answer you
will do so more swiftly and accurately when you
supply an exact error message, as opposed to, "I
get an error."  Tell us which error.  You might
like to read <URL: >.

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