Finding out if a python binary has been compiled with or without pymalloc

Gerhard Häring gh_pythonlist at
Tue Dec 11 15:56:33 CET 2001

Le 11/12/01 à 03:16, Rémi Delon écrivit:
> Hi,
> I'd like to know if there is a way to find out if a python binary
> distribution has been compiled with or without pymalloc.
> My website hosting machine has python2.1 installed on it, but I
> don't know where this distribution comes from. I only have access to
> the python2.1 binary, and I'd like to check if it uses pymalloc
> or not.

My try would be:

from distutils import sysconfig
def has_pymalloc():
    return sysconfig.get_config_var("CONFIG_ARGS").find("pymalloc") >= 0

As you might have guessed, you can find out lots of other useful info
with the get_config_vars() and get_config_var() functions.

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