ANN: ciphon 0.3.4

Andy Todd andy47 at
Tue Dec 18 19:55:36 EST 2001

ssthapa at (Suchandra Thapa) wrote in
<slrna1vph9.7t3.ssthapa at>: 

>    I'm not what the deal with sourceforge is.  If you click on the 
>view all project buttons, 0.3.4 appears.  I think it may have been a 
>sourceforge bug.  I've hidden the 0.3.1 release so that the 0.3.4
>release appears.

Looking good now. I think SF just highlights the latest uploaded package. 

AFAIK you need to be careful when submitting file packages to SF because 
they batch load them. If you submit two *almost* simultaneously it is a 
toss up which one is loaded first. This may be what happened, then again 
those troll gods have been active lately ;-) If I'm uploading stuff I tend 
to wait for one to show up before sending the next.

>>Suchandra, should we be going to or SourceForge? 
>    Either one of them will have the latest release.  I'll update both
>at the same time.  Also starting from 0.3.4, you can download and
>install the latest release of ciphon from within ciphon.  

I managed to download the tar.gz from but I had to 
use command line ftp. Every time I tried to access this from a web browser 
it crashed. Just FYI.

>>Oh, and the 'Home Page' link at SF doesn't work either, it redirects to
>> which gives me a big 'Not Found'.
>    I haven't had time to create and upload a home page for ciphon yet.
>I've been too busy trying to make sure the code works and adding
>features/ writing docs =(.

Not meant as criticism, honest. Until your massive documentation team comes 
up a with a page you should probably point the 'home page' link to your 
automatically created "I'm too busy to create a home page" at 

Only a suggestion mind.

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