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> 	I am a high school senior, and like many others, I am applying 
> to college.  I am applying to MIT (as well as many other schools).  
> MIT describes what they are looking for as students who do or have 
> done "extraordinary things".  My question is this, Is teaching myself 
> Python (with the aid of the Python tutorials and some help from the 
> various lists) an "extraordinary thing"?  How many python-list'ers are 
> high school students?

As a high school teacher of many years, and a former AP Computer Science
teacher, I would say that teaching yourself *any* programming language on
your own is unusual, although not uncommon. But teaching yourself Python,
is rather rare. In writing college admission essays, go ahead and tell
about this. More importantly, tell about your motivation for doing it, and
any accomplishments that have followed as a result, especially any future
plans down the road that your are looking towards as a result of your
exposure to Python.

Sheila King

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