lost interest?

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at alumni.washington.edu
Sat Dec 8 11:25:22 CET 2001

On Saturday 08 December 2001 12:11 pm, Walter Moreira wrote:
> Hi.
> I've been reading some of the catalog-sig archives and I wonder why the
> interest of the community about something like CPAN is so small. When a
> message about this thing pops up in c.l.py, it receives only one or two
> answers and the thread dies, and in catalog-sig usually happens something
> similar.

For me, I really haven't had much installing or finding python packages. It 
is much easier than it is for perl.

> The arguments about not having a working prototype, I think, are not
> good. Suchandra Tappa has set up a server with siphon, but nobody has made
> comments.
> Why do you think people is not interested? Didn't the community should try
> to encourage something like siphon?

Maybe because installing new packages for Python is so dead easy?


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