Python 1.5.x vs Python 2.x.x

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at
Wed Dec 12 23:05:57 CET 2001

Greg Weeks wrote:

> Angus Mackay (amackay at wrote:
> : what are people using?
> I hate to be a stick-in-the-mud, but I'm still with 1.5.2.  I couldn't
> (with minimal effort) get the new versions to build correctly on HP-UX.
> And 1.5.2 is what came with my RedHat 7.2 Linux.

For some bizarre reason, redhat 7.2 includes two versions of pyhton with 1.5 
being the default. The python2 rpm has python 2.1.1, and the resulting 
executable (didn't check if it was a symlink) is also called python2. So 
double check your rh7.2 cds for a 'python2....rpm' file, it should be there 
(at least it is for x86 archs).



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