Is learning Python "extraordinary"?

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Dec 30 00:51:34 CET 2001

"Jesse F. W" wrote:
> I am applying to MIT (as well as many other schools).
> MIT describes what they are looking for as students who do or have
> done "extraordinary things".  My question is this, Is teaching myself
> Python (with the aid of the Python tutorials and some help from the
> various lists) an "extraordinary thing"?  

I'm afraid not.  All the developers I've hired in the last
two years took about a week to become productive with Python
after being exposed to it for the first time.  Of course,
maybe they're *all* extraordinary!

I agree with Aahz, however, that learning Python is an 
extraordinarily intelligent thing to do and should help
you _be_ extraordinary at whatever college you go to.

For more extraordinary things in relation to college applications,
always look here for inspiration (enjoy :-) :

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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