REPOST: Re: Is learning Python "extraordinary"?

Courageous jkraska at
Sat Dec 29 21:27:04 EST 2001

>I think that you're answering with the wrong comparison group as your
>background sample. Certainly I'd expect any professional developer to be
>able to pick up Python in a week. But, among the set of all students
>applying for university admission, how many of them have taught themselves
>Python? I think this is an important distinction.

When I was in highschool, those individuals who self-taught themselves
computer programming languages were of the rare breed who were destined
to later be technical wizards in their field. Passionately caring about
something above and beyond what you're made to do and having the
initiative to carry it out is a remarkable thing at any age; in a
young mind, it is spectacular.

Usenet urban legendry would have it that those who hang out in
computer programming language groups are generally taken from the
top 1% of their peers. While I can't speak to the degree of this
truth, I am certain in the pit of my belly that it is true in spirit.

Consider it well,


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