which is best for a singleton, module or class?

Kragen Sitaker kragen at pobox.com
Sun Dec 2 04:48:24 EST 2001

hungjunglu at yahoo.com (Hung Jung Lu) writes:
> Kragen Sitaker <kragen at pobox.com> wrote in message news:<83elmftfbt.fsf at panacea.canonical.org>...
> > Please don't do that, except as a joke.  Programs have bugs enough
> > without obnoxious people deliberately making them harder to
> > understand.
> Joke? :) It's not a joke. Zope Corporation (the same *obnoxious*
> people that hired Guido, ha!) uses it. Experienced Python programmers
> do use this device, sparingly, but they do use it, in real life.

Some of the code in Zope is pretty obnoxious.  Have you seen
ZPublisher/cgi_hotfix.py?  I mean, for crying out loud!

I guess I can complain more when I've built a 150,000-line web
publishing environment and given it away.

By the way, gauss has its hostname set wrong.

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