Psyco at SourceForge

Armin Rigo arigo at
Tue Dec 4 11:27:12 EST 2001

Hello everybody,

I have opened a "Psyco" project at SourceForge:

I suggest that people interested in Psyco post a welcome and start
discussion in the mailing list that I am currently opening there. This
will allow me to stop (mis)using python-dev at and this newsgroup 
for all minor announces.

The source code I have uploaded at SourceForge (and in a .tgz archive at
the Psyco homepage) is version 0.3.4, which is an important rewrite over
the previous version. I have tried to address the two 'bad design' issues
I mentionned in ISSUES.txt:

* pycompiler.c-and-friends are much clearer now, thanks to a clean
interface in vcompiler.h and processor.h to all the gory details;

* the structure of the Python-dependent part Psyco now very closely
follows that of the Python interpreter. Anyone used to the Objects/xxx.c
files of Python should feel at home with Psyco's objects/pxxx.c files. In
fact, they are just a rewrite of the Python interpreter into some "meta-C"
code useable by the specializer of Psyco. If you gave up while trying to
read the code of 0.3.3 please have another look now :-)


Armin Rigo.

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