Book "python programming patterns". anybody read this??

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Dec 24 02:15:16 CET 2001

Peter Milliken wrote:

> Actually, I doubt there is any intersection - or perhaps I should
> qualify that by an intersection in the realms of code that you and only
> you will ever have to look at or maintain.
> I side with Roy's opinions purely because it is almost never the code
> author that has to maintain the code (at least on systems I have worked
> on over the last 20 years :-)). 

This is ridiculous. I said I had to study some things to understand what was 
going on, and that has become "ewww, it must be bad code".

Every API has two sides. One side is supposed to be easy to use and 
understand. The other side almost certainly isn't. If the internals of 
Python dictionaries were easy to understand, their performance would suck.

If you're only interested in using APIs, this book probably isn't for you. 
But it's presumptuous to equate "challenging" with "bad".

-- Gordon

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