problems subclassing a PMW widget

Laura Creighton lac at
Wed Dec 12 08:02:51 EST 2001

> Greg Goodman:
> Either I'm doing something wrong, or the Pmw widgets aren't meant to be
> subclassed.  I'm hoping it's me.

I have very bad news for you.  I could never get it to work and
neither could anybody else I talked to.  I hope you only need one
widget, because its not just that one it is damn near all of them that
you discover you can subclass only so much and then its all over.
You need to check out tix to see if that kit has what you want.  You
might want to look at the Tkinter 3000 from Pythonware.  You
definitely want to look at their IDE because if you can get their
Tkinter builder to build what you want you will be so pleased.  There
may be other things you should do, but they never occurred to me.
And I was looking all alternatives to : <ta da>

If that does not work you may get my life.  Project slips for *MONTHS*
in part because I have to get up every day and face coding another
widget.  The only widgets I actually care about are new ones that
you design yourself, so this is a day of tedium and no joy which is
not what I founded this company for.  I could get pleanty of that
without working so damn hard.  And when you take a break you see
that pleanty of people here can't find something more creative to
do than argue about tabs and spaces.  I have a PEP to fix that
coming right up when Barry gets around to it.  It occurs to me:
I have enough coding projects on my todo list to last me about
7 lifetimes.  I am in no way ego bound possessive of nearly all
of them.  If you don't have anything more interesting to do -- want

But back to the megawidgets.
I needed to subclass them _a lot_.  Sending you ours will not fix
your life (unless you have an _extremely_ weird life <wink>).

If somebody now posts a fix (Mail to Greg McFarlane the maintainer
as well please -- he doesn't have the fix) you will get your choice.
I can die of joy that there was one after all, or out of frustration
for having pointlessly wasted my life.  Not sure there are any other
options out there for me.  But I would like to see a fix.

Laura Creighton

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