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Emile van Sebille wrote:
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> > Hi,
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> > I'm trying to contruct a class of arrays which have attributes.  This one
> > respresents a wire[] array which can have x,y,z etc coordinates.  I just
> > can't figure out how to do it.  Here is what I have so far:  (it uses
> > Numpy)
> <snip>
> You need to review and work some with classes.  Start with section 9 in the
> tutorial and look at the
> __init__ references, which is used to initialize class instances.
> HTH,
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> Emile van Sebille
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The Numeric Python EM Project

Hi Emile,  I've been reading the books and experimenting with different
kinds of classes, but it just doesn't seem possible to use an array as a
basis for a number of class attributes.  For example,
wire=conductor (i.e. class)  wire[1].x1=30  wire[2].x2=40  etc.    Rob.

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