Thinking in Python Revision 0.1 Available for Download

Bruce Eckel Bruce at
Wed Dec 26 04:46:21 CET 2001

Just under the wire, I've manage to post the first early alpha
version (0.1) of "Thinking in Python." You can go to the page that
connects you to the download here:

Please note:
1) This is not an introductory book. I couldn't bring myself to
write yet another introductory language tutorial, and there are
already plenty of good ones out there. This is "Design Patterns in
Python," so I can use any language features or advanced techniques
that I want, without apology (hooray!).

2) This is an early translation of "Thinking in Patterns," so parts
of it have not yet been translated. I've tried to mark those
chapters, but please be patient.

The source code is in the download package. When you unzip
everything (remember to use the -a flag with unzip if you're on
Unix), the code will be put into subdirectories for each chapter.

In addition, this book debuts my new 'BackTalk' comment collection
system that I built in Zope.

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