vi or emacs for editing Python on Linux?

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Mon Dec 24 10:29:25 EST 2001

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>Both editors have a substantial learning curve.  It takes some time and 
>effort just to get to the point where you can use them effectively, and 
>more to get comfortable with either one.  Either editor has more power 
>and capabilities than most users will ever use.  Which one is right for 
>any particular user is a matter of taste and circumstance.  I would say 
>for the typical sysadmin who makes lots of small quick edits vi is 
>probably more efficient.  A developer who spends all day editing lots 
>of source files might find the emacs environment more comfortable.   
>Serious emacs users typically start emacs when they log in and leave it 
>running til they quit for the day.  They may have dozens of files open 
>at any given time and bounce back and forth between them.

No, *really* serious emacs users just boot emacs as their OS.
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