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>hi, I'm a beginner to python and try to understand some basic stuff. 
>Hier are two function defenitions , which look the same for me, but the 
>second one does not work. Can anybody explain why?
>def fun1 (*args):
>	sum=args[0]
>	for next in args[1:]
>		sum=sum+next
>	return sum
>print fun1('a','b','c')
> >>>abc
>def fun2 (*args):
>	sum=args[:0]
>	for next in args[1:]
>		sum=sum+next
>	return sum
>print fun2('a','b','c')
> >>> TypeError: illegal argument type for built-in operation

>>> l=['a','b','c']
>>> l[0]
>>> l[:0]

That should be enough to figure out your problem.  Next time, try using
the interactive interpreter to test your code.
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