Time for a Fresh Scheme Standard: Say Goodbye to the RnRS Relic

Bruce Lewis brlspam at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 16:23:13 CET 2001

Erik Naggum <erik at naggum.net> writes:

> Have you thought about how _necessary_ it is for you Scheme freaks to be
> hostile to those who do not agree with you?  E.g., where _did_ the stupid
> need to attack Common Lisp now come from?  So immature and vindictive!

Many of the readers on the various cross-posted groups may think, "how
hypocritical of Erik Naggum to talk about hostility and vindictiveness!"
Not so, gentle readers.  This cannot be the real Erik Naggum; it is an

I've read real Erik Naggum postings in the past.  Perhaps I didn't
follow those threads all the way through, but the postings I did read
were clever, witty, and genuinely amusing to read.  The repetitive venom
in this recent thread pales by comparison.

To the imposter, let me say this: You have a long way to go to catch up
with Erik Naggum.  Your postings include echoes of what he's posted in
the past, but that's actually what gave you away.  The real Erik Naggum
would have come up with some new angle for deprecating the Scheme
community.  You wouldn't catch him continuing to beat the "religious
cult" dead horse, though it was quite funny when he first introduced it.
And the references to mental institutions would be more clever.
Whenever he gets back from holiday, I'm sure he'll put you in your

To the other groups, let me say that Common Lisp and Scheme are not
mutually hostile communities.  There are certain high-profile
exceptions, but these (the real ones, at least) can be genuinely fun to

As an act of self-sacrifice for the greater good, I'm setting followups
for this flame war to comp.lang.scheme.  If the pathetic imposter
chooses to ignore followups, he'd better have a posting that's original
and witty.

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