Update Oreilly books?

Gerhard Häring gh_pythonlist at gmx.de
Mon Dec 17 13:49:19 CET 2001

Le 17/12/01 à 12:55, Kirill Miazine écrivit:
> * Alex Russell <alex at netWindows.org> [20011217 06:09]:
> > My personal opinion is that you can do better than "Programming Python". I
> > own both editions, and like neither, which is a damn shame since it's
> > O'Rielly, and the author isn't bad at all. It's just that the organization
> > is a mess, there's virtually no reference material, and truly useful topics
> I agree with you here. I expected something like Programming Perl when I
> bought Programming Python (that's why PP was my first Python book). My
> expectations wasn't met. But still the book contains many useful
> examples and thus can be a great source of inspiration.

Me too. I bought the 1st edition and was quite disappointed by the book.
Granted, I mainly bought it for its part on Extension programming, and
that contained some useful tips. But overall the book seemed quite
unfocused. Perhaps the second edition is better, but some comments at
amazon.com suggest it isn't.

What I can recommend for an advanced Python programmer is "Python
Essential Reference" 2nd ed. from David M. Beazley.

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