[XML-SIG] Pyana 0.2.0 released

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji at fourthought.com
Tue Dec 18 14:27:29 EST 2001

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> Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> > > PIRXX is focused on providing Xerces XML services to Python. The
> current
> > > release of PIRXX provides SAX2 interfaces but I believe that =
> J=FCrgen
> is
> > > working on DOM support.
> > >
> > > So, right now, Pyana is probably your best bet for high-performance
> > > processing in Python while PIRXX offers Xerces SAX2 interfaces.
> >=20
> > Are you basing this on actual benchmarks?  In particular, I'd be
> surprised
> > if Pyana was faster overall than current CVS of 4XSLT, Since Xalan
> isn't,
> > as I measure it.
> I am basing this on the timings of largish transformations that I was
> doing around 2 months ago. Since then I haven't really compared them and
> I have never run any formal benchmarks.=20
> Note that one of the big problems with timing Xalan from the command
> line is that it is very slow to load, especially on windows. I just
> timed "import Pyana" on my PIV 1.7GHz and it took 0.74s. But the beauty
> of using Pyana instead of something like "popen('xalan ..." is that the
> load time becomes a one-time cost for the application.
> For fun, I just downloaded:
> http://www.datapower.com/XSLTMark/download/XSLTMark_2_1_0.zip
> And wrote the attached script. I did this without expending any effort
> trying to understand the benchmark suite; I just test each .xml/.xsl
> pair. Notice that all of the source/stylesheet documents are small so
> the advantage should go to 4suite.
> I don't want to get 4suite from CVS so why don't you get Pyana:

No.  I'm no more interested in running a benchmark between the two than you 
are.  I have much better things to do, like actually working to improve 
4suite.  Therefore, I know better than to make such unsubstantiated comments 
as "foo is your best bet for high-performance XSLT processing".

I'm sure we can all just get along: multiple XSLT implementations for Python 
is a Good Thing.

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