PEP 276 and future iteration PEPs

Alexis Layton alexis.layton at
Sat Dec 15 21:24:08 CET 2001

I also am in favor of the simple proposal submitted in PEP 276.

For future iteration PEPs, I think I would be more comfortable with 
explicit specification
of the index variable(s), as in

for i in 0 <= i < 5

as opposed to infering the loop variable as in

for 0 <= i < 5

But I would rather we had a broader class of integer generator syntax such
as the much malinged [0 ... 5], especially if it can properly describe 
generators. (or is that iterators? It's not really an iterator until you 
put it in a loop...).

Alexis Layton
alexis.layton at

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