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Roman Suzi rnd at
Sun Dec 2 09:53:19 CET 2001

Yes. It's interesting to think about it: emails with so called viruses are
just pieces of data which (usually) conform to electronic mail RFCs,
Internet standards.

WHY DO I NEED TO KNOW some data coming to my mailbox is somehow special?

I received several warnings. And some ISPs even simply block emails with
"viruses". Internet is transparent no more, thanks to B.G. monopoly.

>million square mile area*.
>Ya know, this crap reminds me of the old days where we had losing mailers
>telling people about failures that they could do nothing about, and
>wouldn't affect delivery of mail (Like telling me that some machine 5000
>miles away suffered a power failure, and thus, was temporarily not
>accepting mail, but I shouldn't worry, because it was queued up.)
>It's like these pieces of software are so damn proud they actually caught
>a virus for once, they feel they need to tell everyone they did it.
>I'm surprised it didn't start picking out every site along the mail route,
>and emailing everyone it could find at that site, telling them
>too. Of course, they'll probably just marry it to spam mail
>software, to get this type of effect.
>Hey, look! Component reuse!
>God forbid this piece of crap antivirus software be smart enough to just
>log this, tell only the sender, and move on. Maybe if someone was really
>paranoid, it could alert the  administrator.  Does it really need to alert
>everyone (And what exactly is the receiver supposed to do, since they
>don't have a virus anyway)?  I'm half expecting to be watching CNN, and
>see "AntiVirus Catcher detected viruses, The World has been notified"
>scroll across the bottom.
>Apparently, the component to take care of notifying only the right
>people hasn't been written yet.
>But don't worry, they'll get to it right after they figure out how to
>count the number of viruses it found in the message, and change the output

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