marshalling data structures between perl <-> php <-> python

Tripp Scott tripps81 at
Fri Dec 21 11:33:28 EST 2001

At 21/12/2001 21:16, Skip Montanaro wrote:
>    Tripp> aside from using XML-RPC, what python module can i use to
>     Tripp> marshall data structures (possibly a combination of lists,
>     Tripp> dictionaries, and scalars of ints, floats, ascii strings, and
>     Tripp> null values) between these three languages? i prefer a compact,
>     Tripp> common binary format rather than XML.
>Dunno about "common", but there is a Python version of marshal that Guido
>wrote for JPython.  You could translate that to Perl and PHP.  I have a copy
>lying about if you need it.

i guess it wouldn't hurt. yes, thank you.

>XML-RPC streams could also be compressed using zlib and the equivalent
>libraries on Perl and PHP.  That would make it both compact and binary. ;-)

ah, i'm sure someone would say something to that effect 
:-)  frequent compression-decompression might be prohibitive for 
my case (a simple RPC system), but it might not. i just remember 
SOAP and, hearing that .NET uses it a lot, and SOAP messages are 
yet another examples of XML documents.


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