Mild bug: pipermail/python-dev

Skip Montanaro skip at
Fri Dec 21 18:36:24 CET 2001

    Terry> This page has a link
    Terry> to an archive for a message mis-dated (one hopes) February 2005!

    Terry> Seems like mild bug somewhere but I have no idea where or where
    Terry> to report.

This is a known problem.  I believe Pipermail uses the timestamp in the
Date: header, which is generated by the sender.  If their clock is off (as
/F's apparently was when he sent the message in question), you get a bogus
entry in the archive.  I believe the solution would be to use the timestamp
in the Date: field unless it appears to be too far in the future or the past
(probably using different thresholds for future and past), in which case it
should either use the the timestamp in the From_ field or the current time.

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