REPOST: Re: Python Popularity: Questions and Comments

Henrik Motakef henrik at
Sat Dec 29 23:26:40 CET 2001

Paul Everitt <paul at> writes:

> I'm interested in hearing more about the Pet Shop example you
> mentioned.  Is it a canonical example that is written up somewhere
> else for a different system?

"The JavaTM Pet Store Demo is a sample application from the Java 2
Platform, Enterprise Edition Blue Prints (J2EETM BluePrints) program
at Java Software, Sun Microsystems. It demonstrates how to use the
capabilities of the J2EE 1.3 platform to develop flexible, scalable,
cross-platform enterprise applications"

"Compared to the Java Pet Store, Microsoft claims that the .NET
version requires one-third the lines of code (LOCs) and provides 28
times faster average response times (for 450 concurrent users),
requires one-sixth the CPU-utilization, and scales much better as the
number of users increases."


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