How to change IP Address by Python program on Win Platform

Joel Quinet joel.quinet at
Mon Dec 10 16:05:01 CET 2001

Windows Platform and more generally NT and 2K
Sorry for that.

"John Hunter" <jdhunter at> wrote in message
news:m2itbftbe1.fsf at mother.paradise.lost...
> >>>>> "Joel" == Joel Quinet <joel.quinet at> writes:
>     Joel> Hi all, I have to change my IP address on my laptop
>     Joel> frequently for testing.  I am borring to do it by setting...
>     Joel> I would like to do it by Python script.
>     Joel> How can I do that ?
> You will need to tell us your platform before anyone can begin to
> answer this question.
> John Hunter

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