Extending python with CXX

Berthold Höllmann hoel at germanlloyd.org
Thu Dec 20 11:49:07 EST 2001


I'm currently writing a python extension module using CXX. Now I come
to a point where I have to track down a problen that gives me 

/usr/software/Python-1.5.2-sun4-sol251/share/python1.5/CXX/cxx_extensions.cxx:1011: failed assertion `ob_refcnt == 0'

at some point of my code. Are there any more advanced demos for CXX
where I can look for classes that make use of other self defined CXX
extension classes. I'm afraid I'm still lost in reference
counting. The debugger is not realy helpful. libwadpy points to an
empty source line in my sourcecode. 

Is there any mailing list devoted to CXX?

Thanks for your help

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