Michael Hudson mwh at
Thu Dec 6 10:20:53 EST 2001

cmkleffner at (cmkl) writes:

> Really cool,
> during development I'm able to put several lines with
>  pyrepl.python_reader.ReaderConsole(vars(), 0, None).interact()
> within the code, even inside functions!
> All I need is 'import pyrepl.python_reader' at the beginnig of 
> the module. Now I can estimate the state of the programm interactivly 
> within the scope of the function - break pyrepl with CTRL<D> - proceed
> with the script and take a break at the next line with pyrepl....
> Some kind of debugging with hardcoded breakpoints or
> 'debbuging for dummies'. This is the thing I was looking for!

Heh, that is quite a neat idea.  Certainly one that hadn't occurred to

BTW, pyrepl can integrate itself somewhat into pdb (see for
details), but it's not that thorough yet.


  same software, different verbosity settings (this one goes to
  eleven)                             -- the effbot on the martellibot

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