CryptKit 0.9: cryptsock

Paul Rubin phr-n2001d at
Sun Dec 2 17:45:18 EST 2001

Bryan <bryan at> writes:
> Thanks for the link, it lead me to research other password-based
> key-agreement schemes. I found Authentication and Key Agreement via
> Memorable Password (
> ) which claims
> to be the most efficient of all of them ( EKE, PAK, SRP, GXY, AuthA
> ).  I believe I will implement AMP.  Your input would be
> appreciated.

I'm not familiar with AMP.  The SRP paper has references to some other
protocols of this type though.  Main problem I see is patent issues
around many of them.  I believe SRP was developed in order to avoid
the EKE patent.

I'm cross-posting to sci.crypt to solicit some wisdom from that

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