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>> Hi, this is weird to me, don't know how to fix.
>> On my local python installation on machine A in a normal shell, ^
>> D works to exit Python as expected.  On machine B on the
>> console, ^D also works fine, but if I ssh to machine B from
>> machine A and try to exit Python with ^D, Python does not exit,
>> instead I get the following strange error message:
>> >>> ^D
>>   File "<stdin>", line 1
>>     c
>>     ^
>> SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Have you checked your TERM envariable?  Try checking what it's set to
while at the local console.  Then ssh into the remote machine and check
what that one is set to.  I've got a machine here at home that sets my
TERM to dumb if I ssh into it for some reason.  You can imagine the kinds
of problems that causes :)

If this is the problem, just explicitly set it in your ~/.profile ||
~/.bashrc || ~/.cshrc || whatever.  Should clear it up.

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