Learning resources needed

Duke thisis at bogus.com
Wed Dec 5 04:26:32 EST 2001

I am looking to learn Python/Tkinter.  I'm a competent C/C++/Java
programmer, however I don't have any experience with Tcl/Tk.  I think I can
easily pick up Python from the stuff I found linked on python.org, however I
would be interested in any or all resources specifically addressing
Tkinter - if there are any which cater to a beginning Python user, all the
The other alternative is to buy a book.  There only seems to be one specific
to this (Python and Tkinter Programming, John E. Grayson) and it's gotten
mixed reviews as far as I can tell.  Should I give Tcl a shot as well?
Seems to me that Python is, in a way, competing with Tcl as the scripting
engine behind the Tk toolkit.  If I learn Tcl/Tk first would it be
relatively simple to move over to Python/Tkinter?
And oh yeah, I've always hated GOOEY programming and this is the first
compromise I am willing to make to get something going on the
non-command-line front ;)


P.S.  Anyone recommending vxPython instead?  My main gripe would be that it
wouldn't run in KDE while Tkinter should run in both it & GNOME.  Easy[er]
Windblows client libs install is a plus.

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